Become A Supporter

People not profits
Why become a supporter of the alliance?

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Being a supporter gives individuals the opportunity to be closely linked with the alliance. Also organisations which don’t want to become members can choose to be supporting organisations. Our supporters keep the alliance alive and make campaign activities happen all over Europe.

What are the benefits?

You will receive regular information about the activities of the alliance.
You can choose to be involved in central and local campaign actions.
You can sign the Alternative Trade Mandate once it is finalised.
What are the criteria for being a supporter?

Any individual or organisation who agrees to the principles of the alliance can become a supporter.

What do you have to contribute?

There are absolutely no obligations on supporters. But the alliance is kept alive by the active involvement of our supporters, and so we encourage every one to support the work of the alliance by:

Actively and regularly spreading information about the alliance wherever you are (conferences, website, newsletter, etc.).
Engaging or initiating local campaign actions and consultations.
Lobbying your candidates for the European Parliament.
Making a financial contribution to the alliance.
Download full Membership package here.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Nina Sachau, Co-ordinator of the Alliance.