Our Governance


Alternative Trade Mandate
The main coordinating body of the Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance, between the annual alliance meetings, is the coordination group. The current members are:

Pia Eberhardt (Corporate Europe Observatory, Belgium)
Pietje Vervest (Transnational Institute, The Netherlands)
Kate Byron (Trade Justice Movement, UK)
Luis Rico (Ecologistas en Accion, Spain)
Monica Di Sisto (Fairwatch, Italy)
Representatives of the member organisations and networks meet at least once a year and take the main strategic decisions in an alliance meeting.

A writing group will draft the Alternative Trade Mandate and coordinate the other written outcomes of the project.

For each consultation, a group of organisers has been established. Each group has a coordinator, who ensures the exchange of information between the consultation groups on the one hand, and the coordination group and writing group on the other hand.

One overall coordinator of the whole project is contracted to support and coordinate the work of the coordination group.

We are funded by member and donor contributions.